Quit playing victim to other people’s thoughts about you.

You are the only person that knows your past and present. You choose in what path you will take your to your future. Don’t let someones judgement decide that for you. 

I’m sick and tired of seeing girls/woman letting other people choose their mood for that day.

YOU choose the mood you are going to be in… .yeah other people are going to piss you off BUT its YOUR choice if you are going to listen and let it bug you!

People are going to call you ugly, fat, a bitch, a slut, a whore, a loner, a brat, stupid, and blah blah blah.. But you know what if it’s true it’s true OWN up to it… if it’s not then why let it bother you… if it’s true && you are tired of people talking sh** about you then CHANGE IT!!! that simple you take the first step to better your life and change your attitude nobody else.

if i listened to everyone that ever said something bad about me and let them steal my joy and determine my future i would be pregnant or have 3 kids by now… but you know what i chose to not listen to the rumors and push pass all the hate and fakeness…

Babies listen UP WHATEVER yyou are going through I PROMISE… PROMISE there is a light at the end of that tunnel just keep working towards it.

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BE beYOUtiful


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Kirko Bangz x Rain Down

Can seriously listen to this mixtape all day!

(via anuisence)

So ONCE again i am going to try and keep up with this thing.. It’s really hard.. . i love it but dang lol…

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My new cup #spiderman (Taken with Instagram)

Okay—- so I’ve been running into quite a few people that aren’t really happy with themselves but they are trying to find “someone” to make them happy so in just going to say this their is someone who can make you happy beyond compare his name is Jesus turn to him when no one else is listening and He will listening and best this about Him He will never use your mistakes against you ❤ and to be happy you just have to be happy with yourself love yourself for who you are no one cares about your past mistakes and if they do they don’t belong in your future. No one needs to know what happened in your past because your a different person now. I know some mistakes leave “scars” but it’s not important. What is important is that you love yourself and are happy with yourself because you have to do that before you can love or make some one else happy.

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